Chinese New Year Holiday Notice:

18th Jan - 24th Feb
  • Fluorite perfume bottle Necklace, approx 16-60mm [GM13390]round Green Angelite beads, approx 6mm dia [GB11392-6MM]copper letter-B beads paved zircon, cube, gold plated, approx 8.5mm, 4mm hole [FN15114]mixed Gemstone pendant with 2loops, faceted hexagon, approx 16mm dia [GM13777]blue Aquamarine connector, faceted oval, approx 10-14mm [GM13738]round matte white pearlized shell beads, approx 8mm dia [SHEPL158-8MM]black tibetan DZi oval beads, eye, approx 10x30mm [GA1617]blue Onyx Agate beads, faceted teardrop, top-drilled, approx 7mm [GB11419]blue turquoise stretchy bracelet, round, dye, approx 8mm bead, 60mm dia [GMBR226]blue Apatite Beads, round, approx 6mm dia [GB11652-6MM]natural Coal Crystal Beads, round, approx 8mm dia [GB10994-8MM]Chrysocolla beads, faceted round, approx 3mm dia [GB10978-3MM]copper pendant paved zircon, tree of life, gold plated, approx 11.5mm [FN14461]copper flower connector paved zircon, black plated, approx 20mm dia [FN14325]copper crown connector paved zircon, black plated, approx 15-20mm [FN14335]mixed Gemstone perfume bottle Necklace, approx 28-40mm [GM13434]green Aventurine pendant with tree of life, rose gold, approx 40mm dia [GM13598]round matte Amazonite beads, approx 10mm dia [GMRD356-10MM]copper rondelle beads paved zircon, black plated, approx 10mm dia [FDZN3323-10MM]Natural pearl pendant with zircon, moon, approx 14-20mm [GM12998]copper butterfly pendant paved zircon with 2loops, gold plated, approx 15-23mm [FN13031]copper heart pendant paved zircon with 2loops, rose gold, approx 12-15mm [FN13028]copper heart connector pave zircon, platinum plated, approx 12-15mm [FN13073]copper Key charm pendant pave zircon, rose gold, approx 16-32mm [FN13047]copper crown pendant pave zircon with 2loops, platinum plated, approx 8-16mm [FN13160]copper cross connector pave zircon, black plated, approx 14-26mm [FN13171]copper butterfly connector pave zircon, black plated, approx 15-21mm [FN13176]Chinese Amazonite bullet beads, approx 12-27mm [GB11245]mixed gemstone egg pendant with sterling silver bail, approx 9-14mm [GM13101]white Conch Shell Rings, gold plated, approx 12-20mm [GR10053]blue Turquoise hamsahand pendant, gold plated, approx 18-30mm [GM12211]blue Turquoise nugget connector, freeform, gold plated, approx 20-23mm [GM12188]mixed Gemstone pendant, freeform, gold plated, approx 8-12mm [GM12181-L]natural Tourmaline Beads, faceted rondelle, approx 4mm [GB10933]round green Agate Beads, approx 8mm dia [GB10988-8MM]Fimo Polymer Clay Heishi Beads, mix color, approx 6mm dia [GB10434]